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San Antonio Bound

Seeing as how this blog is about my husband and I and our travels, I thought it was only appropriate for this post to cover both the Army and a little information about San Antonio and where we stayed when we went to see my husband.

This past weekend I finally got to fly down and see Brady. It had been 11 weeks since I had seen him last and boy was I antsy to get down there! The in-laws picked me up around 11:30 Friday morning and off to the airport we went! Okay, normally I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about going to an airport…. but since all this required was opening a garage door, pulling the plane out of the hangar, and loading up, I didn’t mind at all!

We finally took off and got to San Antonio in about 2 hours and 50 minutes. Interesting flight…. My mother-in-law suffers from motion sickness and decided to forego taking Dramamine before we left. When we were descending, I noticed that she grabbed something but couldn’t tell what because I was in the co-pilot seat and she was in the back. WELL…. landing was a little rough and we were getting tossed all over the runway. We taxied and parked the plane and as she was handing me stuff, I noticed a bag of liquid in her hand. Yep… she had thrown up. Not once, not twice, but 4 TIMES! Poor woman. My father-in-law kept giving her hell that she was the best vomiter we had ever seen! No way I could I throw up in a tiny baggie in a plane and not get it anywhere. The funniest part was that if she hadn’t told us, we never would have known! Let me tell you, you know when I throw up. It’s not pretty and I’m usually bawling like a baby! (I’m sure she will sincerely appreciate me telling this story).

From there, we took a small detour.. I’ll spare you this story… and went and picked up Brady! They got back to the barracks around 5:30 that evening and he had to run up and shower and change into his Class B Uniform (dress pants, beret, and short sleeve button-up shirt without the tie). They are required to wear this when they go off post until Phase V+, which doesn’t take place for a few more weeks.

A little after 6 we headed to the resort. It was a good 35 minute drive from Fort Sam and was the most extravagant place I have ever stayed! If you are ever in San Antonio and have a rather lax budget, then I highly recommend staying at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. There are 7 restaurants on site as well as a TPC golf course AND the biggest spa in the state of Texas at a whopping 28,000 square feet! This place is nothing short of spectacular to say the least.

A wall of TV's at the JW's High Velocity sports bar
A wall of TV’s at the JW’s High Velocity sports bar
View from my balcony at the JW Marriott
View from my balcony at the JW Marriott
Clubhouse (& 18 Oaks Restaurant) & Lantana Spa @ JW Marriott
Clubhouse (& 18 Oaks Restaurant) & Lantana Spa @ JW Marriott
Awesome flying weather Monday morning
Awesome flying weather Monday morning
JW Marriott Resort
JW Marriott Resort
Sunrise from my balcon @ the JW Marriott
Sunrise from my balcony

That night, we kind of had to rush to have Brady back because we got lost getting to the resort. He had to be back at the barracks at 8:30 to get ready for final formation which was at 9:00. The next morning, I was able to go pick him up at 8 and had to have him back at 8:30 again. We decided to forego sightseeing so we stayed at the hotel all day…which consisted of watching football and relaxing. This was also how our day went on Sunday, but no complaints.

We left Monday morning to head back home and boy was it hard to say goodbye on Sunday. He only has 7 weeks to go until he graduates from AIT and I cannot wait! I’ve already decided another trip is in order in 5 weeks before he is out in the field for 10 days without any contact. Surely that will make the time go a little faster! Except this time, I have to drive – 598 miles and 10 hours to be exact.


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