Vacation Woes

I swear one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make is choosing where Brady and I are going to go on our 1 year wedding anniversary vacation in February. Never in my life did I imagine a vacation would be such a big deal. I’m sitting here right now combing through my spiral notebook…yes, notebook…FULL of information on different places I have researched.

Just when I thought we had narrowed it down to 2 places, 2 more have been added. It is never ending and quite exhausting! It first started out with 6 places, which soon became 2, one of which wasn’t on our original list, and now it has become 4 and only 1 was on our original list.


  • Edinburgh, Scotland – Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa
  • Dublin, Ireland – Clontarf Castle
  • London, England – St. Ermins Hotel, Autograph Collection
  • Rome, Italy – The Saint Regis
  • Athens, Greece – St. George Lycabettus Hotel
  • Berlin, Germany – The Ritz Carlton

This list has now turned into this list because apparently it’s too cold to go to Europe in February.


  • Dublin, Ireland – Clontarf Castle (11th Century castle renovated to a completely modern hotel) OR The Ritz Carlton
  • Paradise Island, Bahamas – Atlantis Resort (Royal Towers Regal Suite)

Luck would have it that Brady also doesn’t want to go to Dublin in the winter because it gets cold. I understand that, but I feel like it would be a once in a lifetime trip.

Oh yeah, did I mention he wants to go scuba dive in the Bahamas? No thank you!! I am scared that my lungs are going to explode and have absolutely no desire to be a fish, or swim with them.

We never see eye-to-eye on vacations.

And if that’s not good enough, here is our most recent list!


  • Dublin, Ireland….. STILL
  • Atlantis, Bahamas….. STILL
  • Denver, Colorado – JW Marriott or The Ritz Carlton (random, but we love Denver)
  • Disneyworld, Florida…. Not sure I want to spend my honeymoon surrounded by kids…

At this point, I am hunky dory staying at home and watching a Jersey Shore marathon for a week. I know how this is going to get settled: throw all 4 places in a hat and draw a piece of paper. Whatever is on it is where we go… and that is JUST fine with me! I love my husband but he picked the last vacation, so isn’t it my turn? Oh wait, it’s too cold to go to Dublin in February.

The other yucky part about all this vacation hoo-ha is Brady’s monthly drill. We haven’t gotten the schedule for 2014 and I just know his drill weekend is going to be the weekend of February 15th, which is our anniversary. Thankfully, he said he can make the drill up if they happen to change the drill date and we already have our trip booked. Haley – 1, Army – 0.

I know wherever we end up going will be great and it’s not so much about the location but the fact that we get to spend time together and do nothing for a week but enjoy one another’s company.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Woes

  1. Love reading your posts – my husband is Guard as well. He was prior Air Force and prior Army! If you want to check out my blog – let me know. It is private right now but if you request I will accept 🙂

  2. Ah, thank you! I’m still new to it all. I will be SO happy when AIT is over and he gets to come home. Enjoying your blog so far!!

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