No Backing Out Now

Hi everyone!

Well, I have officially booked our vacation to Atlantis in the Bahamas! I think I may be slightly more excited than Brady! You can bet your bottom dollar that I am counting down the days – 70 to be exact! February 14th we will be flying out of Oklahoma City and headed to warmer weather! This -1 degree temperature has me wanting to move to the tropics!

I went back and forth on how I wanted to book this trip. I have always enjoyed planning all of our vacations and booking them myself, but thought MAYBE I could loosen the reins and let a travel agent book it. Well, needless to say that didn’t happen. I am so OCD that I have to know every last detail of the trip (that includes logging onto Delta and handpicking where we sit) and do more research on where we are going than any human should ever do. However, I am not ashamed! I’m quite certain all of my friends think I am nuts but you can guarantee I’m going to be more prepared than anyone I travel with! Call me crazy, smart, or any other word that pops into your mind, but I can’t help it.

The next piece of agenda on my vacation list is to figure out where every last restaurant, bar, and Starbucks is on the property! Everything I have read says you must have dinner reservations to go to any of the nice restaurants and they need to be made weeks in advance! I don’t plan on spending $3000 in meals while I’m there but since our anniversary is the 15th, I’m thinking we may have to hit up Nobu or Courtyard Terrace at the One&Only Ocean Club. That’s the cool thing about Atlantis; Because One&Only Ocean Club is located on Paradise Island, the Atlantis Resort guests have access to their restaurants! I have always heard amazing things about Courtyard Terrace so I’m really hoping we get to go experience that!

When I found out we were for sure going to Atlantis, I immediately went to and invested in some new swimsuits and cover-ups! I got one hell of a bargain on everything I bought PLUS an extra $10 off because I bought it on Cyber Monday! I have to say, figuring out what to pack is always my least favorite part of vacation. I always over-pack (what girl doesn’t), and it never fails that I change my outfit 8 times and am NEVER satisfied with what I have one.

Mmm, scratch that. packing is #2 on my list of traveling “hates”. My #1 travel hate is UNPACKING/DOING LAUNDRY!
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Seriously?! Why is it that when it’s time to go home your luggage magically shrinks and nothing fits anymore?! Did I really buy that much crap while I was gone for a week? And by the time I get home, my luggage is non-existent and every article of clothing that was ever lost in Narnia has now ended up in my luggage! I swear half of the stuff in there I have never seen before and TSA is adding clothes and playing a mean trick on me when they search my bag. Oh yeah, TSA, #3 on my list of hates.
I hope I get to blog a lot more about upcoming vacations that are in the works. I have always loved to travel and would really love to do it more if we could find the time to slow down! My goal is to be able to convince just one person reading my blog that some place that I have gone becomes a place they want to go.
On a side note, I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm and safe out in this nasty weather that seems to be taking over!

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