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13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Okay, now I totally can’t take credit for coming up with this list, but I just HAD to share it with y’all. Some of the stuff on here seriously made me want to bang my head on my padded keyboard. Why on earth have I not thought of this stuff before??? Anyway, I won’t keep rattling on. Here are 13 travel tips that will you feel smart. (As I expressed, I felt like a dumbass for not thinking of these)

1) Rolled Clothes Take Up Less Space Than Folded Clothes

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Who Knew?!

2) Put Your Phone In A Cup For Instant Speakers

Put your phone in a cup for instant speakers.

Dance party anywhere!

3) To Avoid Jet Lag, Do Plenty Of Exercise The Day Before You Travel

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

And Once You Land, Get Lots Of Fresh Air For A Quick Pick-Me-Up

4) To Avoid Tangling, Thread A Straw With Your Delicate Necklaces

To avoid tangling, thread a straw with your delicate necklaces.

And When You’re Wearing Your Necklace, You Have A Straw! SCORE!!

5) Most Airplanes Have A Little Hook At Your Seat. AMAZING!

Most airplanes have a little hook at your seat. AMAZING.

Perfect For A Small Bag Or Coat. What’s Next…A Tray. Wait. That’s A TRAY!?!?

6) Pack Your Dirty Shoes In A Shower Cap

Pack your dirty shoes in a shower cap.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dirty Shoes!!!

7) Pack A Lightweight Scarf For Chilly Planes

Pack a light-weight scarf for chilly planes.

You Can Use It As A Little Blanket Or A Pillow. Once You Arrive At Your Destination, You Have The Perfect Accessory To Spice Up Any Outfit.

8) To Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh, Pop A Dryer Sheet In Your Suitcase

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

9) Contact Containers Are Great For Storing Cosmetics

Perfect For Touch-Ups!

10) Stash Extra Cash In Empty Lip Balm

Stash extra cash in an empty lip balm.

You’ve Already Filled Your Contact Case With Lip Balm, So Keeping Money In The Empty Lip Balm Only Makes Sense.

Note: I kept wondering how the hell you would get the money out, then it donned on me. Screw It Out!

11) Use A Button To Keep Your Earrings Together

Use a button to keep your earrings together.

12) Always Make Left Turns In The Security Lines To Get Through More Quickly.

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Science Proves It.

13) Transport Wine In Your Shoes

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Obviously For Checked Bags, But… You Never Really Know When You’ll Need A Bottle Of Wine, Right???

Well, there ya have it folks.Like I said, I stole this list. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of some of this before. I also totally recommend going to Buzz Feed if you’re ever bored at work… They have the best stuff on there!



12 thoughts on “13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

  1. I travel a lot and I can easily vouch for these tips. They are all truth! However, I usually transport beer, not shoes and I normally store them in socks, then wrap a shirt or towel around them.

    1. I can honestly say I have never tried any of these. Well, I’ve wrapped liquor in clothes but that’s about as creative as I have gotten

      1. Never too late to experiment! The shower cap tip is also very handy. It keeps your belongings clean(er) and if you’re at a hotel, the caps are usually free (and dare I say unlimited?)

      2. Agreed!! I will definitely be trying the shower cap one. I have to admit, I am a hoarder of toiletry products. Everytime I stay somewhere and they have nice toiletries, they go right in my bag! Nice to have in my guest bathroom when people are over and staying with us 🙂 I think I have 6 or so shower caps haha!
        I do have to say, I’m still confused about the only left turns in security lines?

      3. I was scratching my head at that one, too. My personal tip for getting by faster is to remove anything that could potentially beep. For me, it’s usually loose change, phone, camera, belt, and shoes. Oh, and they’ll want your laptop and electronic devices out of your bag, too.

        Haha I used to be a hoarder like that, too! Shampoos, soaps.. anything I can get my hands on that’s free is all fair game! I drew the line though. I’ve too much. =P

      4. Ugh yes. I LOATHE TSA! I usually travel with my iPad and my purse is big enough that I can jus take it out of there and chunk it in a tub. I also wear shoes I don’t have to tie or untie. My husband is the worst. He always has to take off the belt, change, etc. Not to mention, we has had a few knives taken away. Serves him right.

        OMG I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I should probably stop, but one day… 20 years from now… I will run out and then I’ll have to start all over! Better safe than sorry 🙂

      5. Haha yea, I’ve learned to wear the shoes that require the least amount of work to wear and remove. It saves so much time! Especially since after passing the gate, everyone is frantically reclaiming their belongings while catching a flight. There have been times when I didn’t get a chance to reinsert my belt!

        You’re probably right. They will come in handy regardless of how many you’ve stockpiled. I find it really neat how the different hotels use different fragrances and brands!

      6. Can’t say I’ve ever been that crunched for time thank goodness! But the one time we missed our flight, we got upgraded to first class, so it wasn’t so tragic afterall 🙂 And no kidding!!! I was JUST looking at all the different brands of stuff I have last night as I was adding more to the pile. Gotta have a little variety in your life!

      7. Well we were going on a cruise and it’s all they had available or wew were going to miss our cruise!!! Lol I’m not sure what airline it was. I was thinking United but It was back in 2009. But when we went to Cancun in 2010 we upgraded to first class for $300 total!! Hell of a deal! That was Delta which is what we usually fly 🙂

      8. Ah I see.. My girlfriend and I love flying Air Canada. Haven’t had any major problems with them (knock on wood). The only bump in our travels were having two flights delayed due to de-icing. We made our connecting flight though, so it’s all good!

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