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A Good, Unique Bag Tag

One of my pet peeves when I travel is trying to retrieve my luggage after my flight. It seems like everyone in the world thinks alike when it comes to picking a luggage color. Hmmm, let’s see. I want black, red, blue, or green. Yeah, so do the other 30 million people who bought luggage this year. My husband and I are no different. He has black and I have red. Nothing frustrates me more than thinking my bag is coming around the corner only to grab it and find out it’s Joe Schmoe’s bag who happens to be identical to mine…..And the idiots who swarm the conveyer belt.

15 People You'll Encounter At The Airport That Will Make You Want To Cancel Your Trip

Or, you occasionally get those idiots who literally walk off with your bag. Well, I think I have finally come up with a solution to one of these problems.

I was bored at work a few weeks ago and went on to see if they had any good stocking stuffers. Lo and behold I ran across Luggage Tags!! “Yes!” I screamed out loud. I was ecstatic because my luggage tag is the same one I’ve had since 6th grade and says “Brier and Hale Music” on the back of it. Yep, it belonged on my clarinet back when I was in band. I know, I’m awesome. Mine, however, is better than Brady’s. He usually waits until we are in line at the ticket counter and fills out one of those free pieces of crap that ALWAYS gets ripped off your bag – and the nightmare begins. I refuse to help him look for his luggage because he uses those crappy things. You’re on your own buddy.

15 People You'll Encounter At The Airport That Will Make You Want To Cancel Your Trip

Anyway, without further ado, here are our NEW luggage tags from


I found them to be quite comical. I know it would make me laugh if I grabbed what I thought was my bag only to see this baby attached to it 🙂 On the opposite side is our information. I was thrilled with the fact that the company puts it on there rather than us having to hand-write it. I can never read my husband’s hand writing. “Babe, is that a 7 or a 2?” I’ll refrain from posting the back side since it lists our address and phone numbers, but it’s pretty cool!

Well, that concludes my excitement for today. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got everything they asked for!


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