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Rhinestones Galore

Hey guys! I have kind of been running out of things to talk about and quite frankly, if it doesn’t involve vacation, I just haven’t cared lately!!

I have mentioned before in a previous post that it is SO important that we try and keep ourselves busy when our men are away at drill, training, deployment, or whatever the case may be. We all go stir crazy and let’s face it – it downright sucks when the military takes our guys away. When my husband was gone 7 months for BCT and AIT I found myself cleaning ALL the time. My house was spotless. There wasn’t even a dog hair out of place! So since I couldn’t clean everyday, I decided one day that I was going to buy some rhinestones and decorate one of our many liquor bottles that we have. I found the tiniest bottle we had, which was a still-full mini patron bottle and went to town. I never imagined that one little bottle could take so long!


When I started on my second bottle, it finally donned on me why it took me forever. I was applying glue to each individual rhinestone. Ummmm, what the hell was I thinking?! Since then, I have began applying glue to a small area of the bottle and time seems to fly by now! It still takes me a couple of hours and usually a few days to complete a bottle depending on what I’m doing to it. That and I have to stop and refill my wine glass frequently. 🙂 PRIORITIES!

Idon’t have a picture of her bottle but one of my friends decided she was going to start mod-podging glitter onto wine bottles and that would be birthday gifts for all of our girlfriends. This is a much better idea than blinging one since a bottle of wine tends to only last 1 or 2 days. At least it takes a long time to suck down a bottle of liquor! Anyway, she covered a Relax Riesling blue wine bottle with a white glitter and it turned out pretty!!! She also did a Cupcake Moscato bottle in Lime Green (I think…I can’t remember) for a friend’s birthday and it turned out awesome! Although, I’m still finding glitter in my kitchen from that bottle. 🙂

Since my first bottle, I think I have done maybe 3 more. I just haven’t had the time with the holidays and this horrid finance class I am in — but that is another story. Here are 2 more bottles I have done recently done.


The Three Olives Cherry Vodka is for a friend of mine who is in Utah going to grad school. Which reminds me, I REALLY need to pick up a box at the post office today! This bottle took me about….6 hours total to do over the course of a month. Like I said, I’ve been busy. Don’t judge. I think it turned out pretty freaking cool! The other bottle of Whiskey is one of ours. Brady was at drill one weekend so I figured, eh! Why not! This is my bottle of cooking whiskey if I am using a recipe that calls for it…. which isn’t very often! With that being said, I didn’t feel the need or have the want to bling out the whole bottle, but I think it turned out neat!

Next time I venture out to a liquor store that has more variety than the one in the town I live in, I have to pick up 2 more bottles of something for some more friends. One is turning 21 in March, so I have to do something awesome for her and the other is a just because. 🙂

Anyway, I hope this inspired y’all to maybe try something new next time your husband is away for drill, AT, BCT, AIT, or whatever else. I now do it whenever I have time, regardless if the husband is home or not. Maybe I should start charging for this service!! 😉

Oh, and if any of you ever run across one of these blinged-out Starbucks cups, please message me immediately and I will send you a check and my shipping address!



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