Life At Best

Bucket List?

One of my fellow bloggers, Before Kayla Kicks The Bucket, is a friend from a neighboring town in the good ol’ Oklahoma Panhandle and she recently started a blog about her bucket list. As I was reading through her bucket list, I realized that I had never made one or really even thought about it. I always make little remarks like, “Oh, that place is on my bucket list,” but really all I mean is I REALLY want to go there. In fact, I could probably make a bucket list of just places I want to travel.

It wasn’t until I read Kayla’s bucket list that I thought about all the things I want to do – Pay it forward, travel to Australia, visit Arlington National Cemetery, adopt a rescue dog, etc. I always thought that a bucket list was supposed to be filled with stuff that has significance. It finally clicked in my mind that it can be whatever. One of Kayla’s items was:  #17. try a nasty flavor soda at Pops. I must say, I laughed HARD at this. Check out this link to learn more about Pops Soda Shop in Arcadia, OK. Anyway, the nasty soda she ended up trying was Buffalo Wing (I usually stick to a strawberry or cream soda flavor when I go… I’m bland). Judging by her choice of words, I’m going to say it was probably disgusting. This is what made me realize that a bucket list can include whatever your heart desires. It’s about making memories. Looking back 40 years from now, Kayla will be able to tell her grandkids that she once drank a buffalo wing flavored soda. How many people get to say that?

For the next few weeks, I am going to be pondering about what I want on my bucket list. It has also made me curious about what other people have on their bucket list as well. So followers, what is something crazy on your list?


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