Snow Storms & Flight Cancellations

Well, today is officially my last day of work before vacation! While I am excited, I find myself checking the weather in Atlanta every 30 minutes as well as our flight status. We are flying out of OKC to Atlanta on Friday morning and then have a 3 hour layover in Atlanta before heading to Nassau.

If you have been following the weather, then you know Atlanta is getting down right pounded with snow and ice yesterday and today. There have been some 1500 flights cancelled and I am shit-bricks nervous about ours being cancelled on Friday. All the flights to Atlanta out of OKC are cancelled today and 2 of the 5 tomorrow have been cancelled. Last I checked, our flight still showed “on time” and it damn sure better stay that way too! It looks like the weather is supposed to clear up early tomorrow morning and then a mix of sunshine and clouds with 40* temperatures. Friday shows cloudy with a few rains showers possible. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I didn’t get much sleep last night – kept dreaming the flight got cancelled and we were stuck in the stupid airport. This has now prompted me to pack a carry-on just in case. I know, I’m totally worrying over nothing but you do not want to see the shit storm that will happen if our flights get cancelled.

I’m such a pessimist. I wish I wasn’t, but I guess it’s better to be surprised than disappointed, right? Bad way to look at it. I need a serious pep talk. I should be excited. It’s my Friday. I get to sleep in in the morning and have post-workout glass of wine for dinner tonight! Once I get checked in for our flight tomorrow I will feel a lot better about everything. I just need to calm the hell down and breathe until then!

I won’t be checking in at all while I’m gone because I am NOT about to pay $20 a day for internet. I can do without for a week. I hope all of you have a GREAT rest of the week and I can’t wait to get back and share all the fun and exciting things we did at Atlantis!


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