Atlantis Vacation

So needless to say, I am having the vacation blues. The Bahamas was awesome amazing. Atlantis went above and beyond my expectations. Last but not least, the weather was to die for!

We got to Nassau around 2:30 and by the time we got across town in the horrible traffic, it was about 3:30 when we got checked into the resort. We had an awesome room with a large balcony overlooking the harbor and ocean. I loved getting to wake up every morning and watch the cruise ships dock at port. I swear everyday there were 5 cruise ships docked!

We stayed at¬†the ever-so famous Royal Towers. I only wish it had been the bridge suite, but at $25,000 a night with a 4-night minimum, it was pretty easy to pass up. ūüėČ

Words cannot even begin to describe how big this resort is. We walked everywhere and were outside gawking around the resort for 2 whole days and I’m sure there is still stuff we didn’t get to see. One of the coolest parts of the resort is The Dig Aquarium, (Included in hotel cost if staying at the resort).¬†This thing is ginormous and the vast majority of it is below ground. Inside of each of the tanks was a piece of “The Lost City of Atlantis.” It was pretty fascinating. That is what the whole aquarium… scratch that… the whole resort is themed around. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but each time I tried there was someone in the picture picking a wedgie or making a ridiculous face so I gave up, but one whole wall of the lobby of our hotel was part of the aquarium.I wish I had tried to get a picture a few more times.

There was one spot throughout the duration of our trip that we went everyday and this was the marina village. This is definitely my favorite part of the whole resort. This area was directly off of our hotel and has many places to eat and shop. HIGHLY recommend the Marina Pizzeria if you go. We had lunch there 3 separate times! Might I add it was lunch with a view too. We could carry our pizza outside and stare in awe at the yachts in the marina. They were fascinating, beautiful, extravagant, and a bunch of other fancy words.

To no surprise, my favorite yacht out of all the ones there was the biggest and most expensive. Once we got back to Atlanta we googled the yacht and found out that it is a $60 million super yacht that can be chartered for a week for a mere $426,000. Her name is Mary-Jean II. It has 7 stateroom, can charter 12 guests, has 17 crew members and is 202 feet long.  Below is me in front of it (the blue one) and as well as the stern Рnotice it has a mechanical gangway. Whoever owns this beauty needs to be my friend.

When I booked the trip, I booked no excursions. We usually come back from vacation so exhausted that it takes us a week to recover and I didn’t want that to be the case this time. We ended up booking a Powerboat Adventure¬†which took us about 40 miles away from Nassau to our own private island. It took us a little more than an hour to get out there and it was one hell of a bumpy (and fun) ride. We were sitting at the very front of the boat so naturally we went flying every time we hit a wave, which was often. Totally worth it I might add. Our first stop was to an island to hand feed iguanas grapes. Brady made them beg for theirs like they were dogs while I was much nicer. Although, I will admit to throwing a grape at one, but it was purely self defense because he was chasing after me.¬†We spent about 20 minutes here before we hopped back on the boat towards our private island for the day.

After hopping back on the boat, we took a 10 minute ride over to Ship Channel Cay, our private island. While we were here, we were greeted with an open bar, hungry stingrays, and a shark show I will never forget. After securing my rum punch and Brady with his Bahamian “Sands” beer, we found a spot on the beach and made our way to the warm, clear water. All of us lined up in a row and were given raw fish to put between our fingers. We were instructed to get down in the water on our knees and put our hands flat on the bottom of the ocean when the stingrays were coming near us. I will admit, I was a little afraid when the first stingray came by. The would swim right over our hands and suck the fish into their mouths and *gulp* they were gone. We did this for about 20 minutes and then I decided it was time for a photo op. During one picture, our guide said, “Hey mon, try not to turn your back on the shark behind ya.” Nope, he wasn’t kidding. We turned around and there was a large lemon shark about 15 feet behind us. We knew we would encounter them as the guide puts on one hell of a show with them. We ever-so greatly listened to him and went a little shallower. In our next photo, Brady was greeted by a stingray brushing up against him. I was laughing…he didn’t think it was that funny at first. I had to remind him that only the barbs were dangerous. Note the photobombing stingray in our picture together.

The final event of the day was the shark encounter. Our guide took a long rope and tied fish carcass to the end of it and began luring in the sharks. There were about 12 in all, which was beyond plenty. There were 3 different kinds of sharks and for the life of me I can only think of 2 РLemon and Nurse. Anyway, he lured these suckers in about 5 feet from us and put on one hell of a show! A few lucky unlucky people got to pull the rope and lure them in too. You can also link to my Facebook and watch the 2 videos. We were also fed a lunch of either steak or fish and could go back for 2nds, 3rds, and so on. It was delicious! We were also served up some fresh conch salad and I came home with a conch shell. Shout out to TSA for not taking it away!

The rest of our time at the resort was spent gambling, relaxing, and¬†shopping . My husband is a huge watch whore and came home with a new beauty – Omega SeamasterAqua Terra 150 M Omega Co-Axial Day-Date 41.5 mm¬†¬† I’ll spare you the details. Oughta do for an anniversary gift ūüėČ

I will finish up with this post with a few more pictures and say that we had an AMAZING time, ate a lot of great food and were not ready to leave. I will finish up with another post about the restaurants and pick apart a few things a little later on. But for now, have a great day!


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