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Woman Cave Craft Room

Somebody sound the alarm! I have finally gotten my woman cave craft room painted and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

First off, let me just express to you how much I hate painting. Here are a list of words that come to mind when the “P” word is mentioned:







Pretty bad, huh?

I decided with this room that I wanted to do something fun and not plain-Jane. I would say it is anything but. I must have been feeling awful ambitious…or stupid…I’m still not sure which. This ended up turning into a 3-week project because, well, I HATE, LOATHE, DETEST, painting!

It took me forever to tape off the room. This happened about a month ago actually. I kept putting it off because there are a ton of windows back there and I wasn’t looking forward to taping around them. Luckily, the base coat was white so I cheated and didn’t tape off the ceiling. Score.

The wall in its original state
The wall in its original state

So, a week ago, my dad came over to help me get the lines on the wall for my herringbone pattern. This was an undertaking that I was not at all ready for. I underestimated the amount of work and math that would go into putting the lines on the wall. First, we had to measure the length of the wall and divide that into an even number to determine how many vertical lines would need to be taped. For this, we used chalk-string so that we could make sure our lines were perfectly straight and there would be no second-guessing on the tape would go.

Faint chalk lines for the vertical lines on the wall.
Faint chalk lines for the vertical lines on the wall.

Next, we applied tape over the chalk lines.

Craft Room 2

We ended up with 8 lines across the wall. How did we come up with 8? The wall is 184″ long. I really didn’t care how many lines I came up with as long as there was an even number that I could space them to. It just so happened that 184/8 is 23″. So, each of these vertical lines is 23″ apart.

The next step was by far the worst and most time consuming. Also, it is a one-woman job. The vertical lines had to be precise or the whole pattern would be jabber-jawed and messed up. For this part, I started at the top of the wall with a piece of tape. From there, I went down 12″ on the next line and put a mark. I then taped ACROSS one line to another to create my diagonal line. From the bottom of each piece of tape, measure down another 12″ and tape another line. When you get to the bottom and there isn’t 12″, move your ruler over on the diagonal line above it until your ruler meets 12″. Add tape there and it will create a very small triangle.

This is what your wall should look like after all diagonal lines have been taped.
This is what your wall should look like after all diagonal lines have been taped.

Soooo I procrastinated another week before I painted – LOATHE. Luckily, none of my tape fell off the wall. Yay. Before I painted, I made sure to use a credit card and really get the tape stuck down so that my paint wouldn’t bleed underneath. You obviously don’t have to use a credit card, but this is what I found to be the most handy. Let me just say, I thought the painting would only take me like 30 minutes since I was only painting every other box – it didn’t. It took me the better part of 2 hours to get 2 coats of paint on the wall. Ugh, groan. I had wine for dinner after that adventure.

All taped and painted. Was so nervous to pull the tape off that I thought about leaving it for good.
All taped and painted. Was so nervous to pull the tape off that I thought about leaving it for good.

I was really nervous about the tape peeling the paint off so I only let it dry for about an hour- hour and a half before I ripped the tape off. IT TURNED OUT FABULOUS!!!!!! The paint bled under the tape in a few spots, but nothing I can’t touch up pretty easy with a little brush. I chose this color because it brought out my flooring. I am pretty happy with it. Toot Toot!


Now that my painting – DETEST- is done, I just need to get my craft table set up and get to organizing. My table has been ordered and I am super anxious for it to get in. I’m also going back and forth on which light I want to get to replace the horribly outdated ceiling fan. What do you think??

BAZZ Lume Series 15-Light Ceiling Mount Chrome Chandelier with Pendants Clear Balls Covered in a Metal Meshsed-P12421CH at The Home DepotWarehouse of Tiffany Arden Victorian 3-Light Crystal Chrome Chandelier-RL2198 at The Home Depot $115.60

I will be posting the final product after I get everything just the way I want it! I can’t wait for y’all to see it!


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