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Girls Trip to NYC

Well hello world! Long time no blog!

I have been MIA the past few months and unfortunately it’s not because I’ve been traveling all over the world, though I wish! And fortunately it’s not because of the Army! Knock on wood there.

With Christmas coming up, things have been pretty crazy here and we have managed to already knock 4 Christmas parties off our list with 5 more to go. Talk about a whirlwind.

Amongst all the Christmas who-ha (speaking of Who, I haven’t even had a spare minute to sit down and watch The Grinch that has been recorded on my DVR for some 3 weeks now), I have also been busy planning for an upcoming trip to New York in March! This will be my first trip to NY and I will be getting to experience it with a girlfriend of mine who I am flying up to Fort Drum to visit!

My husband and I decided to forego taking a vacation this year in order to save up for our big trip to Ireland in 2016, so I saw this as a good opportunity to take a girls trip and go somewhere Brady has no desire to go!

We tossed around a few ideas on what to do in New York, one of which included Niagara Falls. It was a unanimous decision that we drive over to NYC for a few days and be two of the most touristy people you’ve ever laid eyes on.

While I am staying up in NY a week, we only plan on staying in NYC for 2-3 days. So far, we have one thing figured out: stay in Midtown. Next on the list: hotel, which city pass to buy, what landmarks to hit up. Thankfully, Pinterest is helping us is open our eyes up to things to do and giving us some insight in to what not to do. Thank the Lord for this website. You can see what we have pinned so far here.

I will be back with more updates as we figure out what it is we are doing and where we are staying and would love to hear what y’all think and what your New York experiences have been like!


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