Atlantis on the Brain

Do you ever wake up and think, I rather be anywhere but here right now? If you say no, you must be living the life.

Today I woke up thinking about our trip to Paradise Island’s Atlantis Resort that my husband and I took last February. Boy do I miss it. It’s days like today when there is snow on the ground and a biting north wind that I wish I was anywhere but here. Today, that day happened to be Atlantis.

The Bahamas not your cup of tea? Did you know that there are 3 other Atlantis Resorts? Nope, betcha didn’t! Only two are currently open and the other two are currently in the works.

If tropical weather isn’t your thing, then you can hop on an Emirates flight (first class from $29,000 and Business Class from $4,800) over to Dubai in the UAE and feast your eyes on Atlantis The Palm. Atlantis The Palm sits on Palm Jumeriah, a man-made island resembling a palm tree off the coast of Dubai. It is also known at the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Much like Atlantis Paradise Island, there are many restaurants and activities to keep you busy and wanting more! While there is only one hotel, rest assured that there are many different room types to pick from. Don’t feel like a standard room? You now have the option to book one of Atlantis’s two underwater suites! That’s right people, you can sleep with the fish that inhabit Ambassador Lagoon only feet away from your bed. You can check out pictures here. If that’s not enough, you can always stay in the famed Royal Bridge suite.

Coming soon, there will be two more Atlantis properties: Atlantis Sanya, China and The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences, Dubai. I have not seen any further information on these properties but from what I have seen, they look spectacular. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to mark both Dubai locations and the China location off my list.

These resorts are not all inclusive, but do come with the option to do “meal plans.” If you want my personal opinion, do not do the meal plan and instead explore all of the remarkable restaurants that are available to you. There are restaurants to fit all different budgets and tastes and none of the ones we went to disappointed. I would go back to Atlantis Paradise Island is a heartbeat if the opportunity presents itself. You can see my post about our Atlantis Vacation here.

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