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I Saved Money

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A mere 28 days stand between me and the bustling city of New York! I am overcome with excitement as well as fear; excitement of getting to explore an amazing new city with my best friend and fear that we will get lost on a subway and end up in Istanbul. I have had my flight booked for some time now and as of Friday, our hotel is booked – nonrefundable I might add.

Winter, you stay the hell away!

I don’t know why hotels even offer nonrefundable rates, I mean sure it’s cheap, but what the hell happens when Old Man Winter decides to reap havoc on the Oklahoma Panhandle and I’m not able to make it out there? I guess that’s why I bought travel insurance, but just the thought of it turns my stomach upside down. We had originally planned on staying at The Roosevelt in Midown but didn’t want to pay the astronomical valet fee of $60 for 24 hours. Given we will be there the 23rd-26th, that’s a shitload of money! Thus began our search for another hotel. After looking at several places and reading reviews, we decided on the Park Central Hotel near Central Park & Times Square. I wasn’t surprised to see another valet charge of $60 for 24 hours but upon further investigating, I was able to score us one hell of a deal. Instead of paying $60 a day for valet, we managed to find a deal for $10 a day for valet while still keeping the same room and amenities. This ended up saving us nearly $200 in valet charges we would have otherwise accrued.

Park Central Hotel - Photo Credit
Park Central Hotel – Photo Credit

This promotion was found on their website during the checkout process and I called to verify that the information was even correct because it seemed too good to be true. The front desk confirmed that we would be charged $10 a day for valet for the days we would be staying at the hotel. Hell yeah! I’m all for booking on travel sites such as Expedia and, but often times they do not offer the same promotions that the hotel sites do. Sometimes it is worth it to risk paying a little bit more for your hotel room from their site than through a third party site. You never know what deals you could be missing out on.


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