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Four Girls, a Texas-size Meltdown, and Butts in Baseball Pants

Every girl loves seeing a guy in baseball pants. End of story.

This week, I decided to go with a Throwback Thursday story from June 2010 when me and three of my girlfriends loaded up in a car and roadtripped 8 hours down to Dallas, Texas. The purpose of this girls trip you ask? None other than men in baseball pants… the Texas Rangers to be exact.

That Friday morning we set out at the ass crack of dawn for good ol’ Dallas. Fast forward 8 hours and we arrived at our hotel – or so we thought. After arguing with the front desk for a good fives minutes that I did have a reservation, I was kindly told that I was at the wrong hotel and the one we were staying at was across the street. Strike One.

After some serious shopping at the Galleria, it was dinnertime. I was driving and my co-pilot was giving me directions to PF Chang. Her directions landed us at Pei Wei. We got renavigated and this time would up in a ghetto abandoned strip mall parking lot. Beyond frustrated with driving in the terrible Dallas rush hour traffic, I completely lost my shit. My meltdown went something like this:

Punches steering wheel and begins screaming. “I am so sick of this shit! I’m not moving this vehicle until someone can tell me where the hell we are going! No, you know what? I’m not driving the rest of the time we’re in this f**king city! Someone get their ass over here and drive! I’ll navigate!”

At this point, Kaylee, Kamee and Kate are wide-eyed and looking at me like I just mutated into the spawn of Satan, but my meltdown gladly got me out of driving.  Strike two.

At last, we made it to PF Changs and we were greeted by an hour long wait. To make matters worse, all of us were 19 and couldn’t drink. We were eventually seated, ate our dinner, and went back to the hotel for the night.

The next day the game started at 2 so we didn’t have time to do anything. We got around, got dressed, and made our way to Arlington for the game against the Astros. I was now in charge of navigating and truly cherished my demotion from captain. We were scooting right along and I was kicking ass at this navigating thing. Well, I had gotten my phone turned around and was now giving directions bass-akwards. I eventually got us turned around and back on track. Next thing I know, my GPS on my iPhone freezes and I have to reboot. By the time I got my GPS pulled back up, it is showing exit now. I screamed “EXIT!” What happened next can only be described as an Indy 500 stunt across 5 lanes of traffic and whizzing onto the off ramp. It was after this that I was then demoted to backseat passenger. Strike three, you’re out.

We got to Arlington, ate lunch, and drove over to Ranger Stadium. Goosebumps! We got in, got to our seats, and still had about an hour before the game was scheduled to start. Did I mention it was about 110* and we were sitting directly in the sun? Talk about sweating in places ya didn’t know could sweat!

The game got started and we were greeted with a few clouds here and there. By the time the game was over, we were hot, sticky, tired, and sunburnt…but we got to see butts in baseball pants!

Side note: the Rangers won the game and that season made it to the World Series only to lose to the San Francisco Giants.

The next day, we loaded up and headed back to the Oklahoma Panhandle. That was the last Rangers game I have been to and am hoping to change that this summer with another girls trip! I think this time we will do things a little differently. For starters, I won’t be driving or navigating, we will go to a night game, and we’ll all wear sunscreen!

Girls Trip - Texas Rangers Game


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