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New York City – Part 1


Just as I suspected … I’ve officially been home from New York for 12 days and I’m getting sick. That is one thing I can always count on when I go somewhere and experience an extreme change in weather. In this case, it was about a 50* difference in weather. Leaving the hot and windy Oklahoma Panhandle for the freezing cold Northeast is not my cup of tea.

Whoa, sorry. I swear I was a weatherman in a former life.

Anyway, New York City. What can I say? It was everything I thought it would be: crowded, touristy, unique, fast-paced… I could go on. Was I disappointed? No. Would I go back? I’m not sure. Did I have fun? Of course.

I flew up to Syracuse on Saturday March 21st and met by my friend Cindy and we headed back to her house in Watertown. That Monday, Cindy and I drove out to NYC which took about 5.5 hours. I can promise you one thing: I will NEVER drive in NYC again. Like, ever. I probably just jinxed myself and will be an NYC taxi driver in my next life. Traffic was a disaster. People were rude. At one point I wasn’t even sure if I was in an actual turning lane or not, but I turned and 96,384 cars honked at me. Apparently I wasn’t in a lane at all. So shoot me! By the time we got to our hotel, I was shaking and on the verge of hyperventilating, but we made it unscathed!

We stayed at the Park Central New York on 55th and 7th. The hotel is newly renovated and I was pretty impressed. BY NYC standards, it was a big hotel room. They have a nice bar area downstairs, however, they do not have a restaurant so you actually have to venture out for a late night snack. Their website says they do, but they don’t. Just trust me. In my previous blog post, I discussed how we were able to get an awesome deal on our hotel room and save nearly $240.00 on valet fees. I strongly urge any of you thinking about going to NYC to book thru the hotel’s website as this is where I found the promotion! Sometimes it’s worth spending a little more to save a buck, if that makes sense?

The location of our hotel was by far the best part, however, I will say that if I ever go back, I will not stay in a tourist area! We were 3 blocks south of Central Park and 9 blocks from Times Square so we were very centrally located in terms of tourist attractions. This also meant that anytime we left our hotel we were bombarded with people trying to sell us Broadway tickets and tour bus tickets. Plus side, the subway station was a mere 50 feet from the entrance of our hotel so we had the city at our fingertips.

To ride the subway, you must purchase a MetroCard which you are able to do at any of the subway stations. It is $2.75 per ride and the two days we used the subway, we blew through $13.00 each, so I would recommend starting with $20 on your MetroCard. They are refillable so you will not have to purchase another one. I will admit, I was scared shitless of riding the subway because of all the things you see in movies and on TV shows…and also read how people get mad at you when you can’t get through the turn-style. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. They were clean, on time, and provided quite a bit of entertainment. I did joke in a previous post that we would probably get lost on the subway and end up in Istanbul. Well, we didn’t end up in Istanbul, but when we emerged from underground, we were staring at the Brooklyn Bridge instead of our hotel. Whoops. We were about 4 miles in the wrong direction and after walking around aimlessly for an hour, we finally caught a cab and drove back up to Bryant Park and walked back to the hotel. Insert 3 glasses of wine.

All of the food we ate was delicious. We actually enjoyed Ray’s Pizza so much that we ate it twice. With huge slice of cheesecake for dessert, we were both in heaven. Luck should have it that Ray’s has a location a block from where we stayed.

Hands down the best pizza and cheesecake ever.
Hands down the best pizza and cheesecake ever.

If you’re into the bar/pub scene, then I recommend going to The Three Monkeys. This is located on W. 54th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. The pub is two stories and depending on what level you sit on you may or may not be served a certain beer. Some beers are only served upstairs. Why? I don’t know. The food was good as was the beer, but it was a little on the expensive side, which is the norm for NY restaurants. Also, keep an eye out on the TV Screens for their Wi-Fi password!

While venturing through Greenwich Village, we decided to grab Mexican Food for supper at a small place called Oaxaca Taqueria. Hands down the best enchiladas I have had. It was a tiny little restaurant – maybe 11 seats total and as delicious as the food was, I’m surprised there wasn’t a line going out the door, but we were the only ones in there! Could’ve been because we ate at 5, but still!

I’m going to veer off track here…Shortly after supper at Oaxaca Taqueria is when we got on the wrong subway and got off at the Brooklyn Bridge. We even had an iPhone app (HopStop) telling us what train to take, how many stops to go and what the stops were, etc. and we still messed up. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK SOMEONE FOR HELP! The people who live in New York are not the friendliest and I’m sure the tourists drive them up the wall, but if you asking for help saves your ass from getting completely lost in a sketchy part of town at dusk, then it is worth bugging someone for!

Here in the next week I will try to get a post up about the things we got to do during our 3 days in NYC!



7 thoughts on “New York City – Part 1

  1. That’s really strange that you found the locals grumpy when asking for directions… my husband and I found the exact opposite. Perhaps it’s because I am visually impaired and travel with a cute dog, but I found New Yorkers are by FAR the best locals I’ve ever come across providing directions.

    1. They were not terribly bad, but you could just tell they were annoyed. A lot of the people who were selling tickets would actually come up to us and ask if we needed helped finding something. But the guy we asked in the subway was less than pleased! I found that the friendliest locals are in Whistler, Canada! 🙂

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