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Arkansas Road Trip

Road Trip

“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

There is nothing better than a good ol’ fashion road trip by yourself. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair while driving down the interstate and blaring your favorite music is unexplainable. Or, in my case, driving on the interstate in the pouring rain while skipping over every song on my iPod because out of 967 songs, I have no good music. Oh, and trying to keep my windshield from fogging up. Oh yes, an unexplainable feeling.

But really, it was a great trip aside from the rain! My little road trip took me from my home in the Oklahoma Panhandle out to Little Rock, Arkansas to see my favorite family in the world! This is the first time I had seen them in 4 years, so my trip was long overdue.

Both times I’ve been, I was able to explore the charming neighborhood they live in known as “The Heights.” This is a historic area of Little Rock that is dripping with fun things to do! Taking a stroll, you are able to see beautiful homes, and visit tons of shops and restaurants that line Kavanaugh Blvd. Best of all, everything is within walking distance of where its residents’ live. If I could describe a perfect place to live in LR, this would be it.

Of the places I’ve eaten, Cheers, Café Prego, U.S. Pizza, and Sushi Café are all incredible. Outside of Starbucks, you are hard-pressed to find a chain restaurant in the area!

While there, Mica and I walked down to the art studio her friend owns and I fell in love with yet another piece of his artwork. Stephano Studios definitely needs to be put on your places to go!

Here is a painting I had him do a few years ago of our American Bulldog, Mack.

Mack Dog

He also had a painting of “The Dude” that I should’ve jumped all over and bought for my husband’s man cave, but for some dumb reason, I didn’t.

If you don’t know who The Dude is, just get out now.

I feel like people get too caught up in the mainstream life of a city when they visit and never get to fully experience all the things a city has to offer. This means veering off that path and exploring different neighborhoods that aren’t necessarily touristy.

Next time you are in a new city, step away from the tourist traps and go explore a fun neighborhood. You may be surprised by what you find.


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