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European Itinerary…. Or Lack There Of

Don’t tell me how educated you are. Tell me how much you have traveled. – Mohammed

With our trip to Europe officially being below the 365 day mark, it’s about time some planning gets done pronto-donto. The problem with this being, where the hell do we even begin? We do not know the exact dates we will be traveling to our first stop of Killarney, Ireland, and probably will not know until February, which leaves us approximately 7 months to figure out where we want to go.

How exactly do you plan a 2.5 – 3 week trip overseas? I have no earthly idea. My best guess is that we will be in Ireland 4-5 days. From there, where do we go? How many┬ácountries do we allot ourselves to visit on such a short trip?

Seriously, help.

Me, personally, I would like to visit the following places in no particular order:

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Munich, Germany

Prague, Czech Republic

Brady, on the other hand, I can’t even begin to speak for him. I’m about 96.2359% sure that our lists will be complete opposites, but that makes planning and researching all the more fun! So, for those of you who have traveled Europe, where all do you suggest for a 2-week itinerary?


2 thoughts on “European Itinerary…. Or Lack There Of

  1. Wow, I’m not sure where I’d start either… I guess it depends on whether you want to get to know a region or just get a quick flavour of lots of different cities/countries. In the past I’ve taken 2 weeks to explore the Balkans, or 1 week to explore Croatia. Spain is always bigger than you think – I took 2 weeks and only managed the Western side of it (Cadiz, Jerez, Sevilla, Madrid, Cacares, Salamanca, A Coruna). Cities like Prague, Dubrobnik, Budapest, Berlin, Paris, Naples etc. can be pretty well experienced in 2 days. The beauty of Europe is that travel times between a lot of your destinations won’t be too bad – especially if you stick to your list which seems to cluster around central/eastern Europe and the Balkans. Good luck and enjoy your planning!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! We are only wanting to spend a couple days in each place so our options are pretty open at this point! I haven’t even spoken with my husband about where he wants to go! ­čÖé

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