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Wanderlust Wednesday: Myrtle Beach, SC

The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page – Unknown

For this week’s Wanderlust Wednesday post, I thought I would share my trip we took to Myrtle Beach/Fort Bragg back in April 2012.

It was this trip in which my Terminal Humiliation happened. If you have not read this post then let me give you a brief summary.

While waiting on our connecting flight to Charlotte, NC, I was relaxing at the gate at DFW watching the news. I stood up to go throw my trash away and my foot was asleep. What followed was one big unfortunate event in which I utterly embarrassed myself in from of about 200 people. I tripped, stumbled about 10 feet, and fell against the trash can, sans my trash. Everyone stared at me, including Brady. Afterwords, my ankle turned into a cankle that was black and blue and swollen… for the whole trip.

The End.

We were booked to stay at the Sheraton a few blocks from the beach but upon our arrival, we were informed that they overbooked and we were being moved to an oceanfront hotel. We made our way to The Patricia Grand and headed up to the highest floor to see our oceanview room. The room was nothing spectacular – I would compare it to a Best Western, but the view sure was pretty!

Brady’s brother, Garrett, was stationed at Fort Bragg at the time, so he made the 2.5 hour drive down to spend a few days with us. We ate, we drank, we swam in the ocean, and we walked everywhere. My poor cankle hurt something awful!

Perhaps my favorite place we ate that week was Pier 14. As the name states, this restaurants sits on the pier over the ocean and has some of the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten! Definitely worth adding to your to-do list.

If you are looking for something away from the tourist areas, never fear! There is 60 miles of beach to pick from! If I were to ever go back, I would stay in North Myrtle Beach, about a 10 minute drive away! There is literally something for everyone in Myrtle Beach! You can choose from:

  • Savory restaurants and family-friendly dining
  • Amusement and water parks
  • Live entertainment theaters and exciting nightlife
  • Thrilling water sports
  • The best golf courses in the south
  • Cultural activities and historic sites
  • Outlet malls, specialty boutiques, flea markets, and specialty stores
  • Freshwater, ocean and deep sea saltwater fishing

Having a population of around 30,000, Myrtle Beach is big enough that there is something for everyone, yet small enough to still kind of have that “home town feel” to it. Getting around is very easy and once away from the touristy area, traffic is not an issue at all.

The main reason we chose to go to Myrtle Beach was because we were vacationing to see Brady’s brother. We thought, eh, we really didn’t want to stay in Fayetteville and we had always heard great things about Myrtle Beach, so we went for it. Besides, a 2.5 hour drive to get to Fort Bragg is nothing!

We had some time to kill in Fayetteville before going to get Garrett on post, so we thought we would go to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. That didn’t happen as the museum is closed on Mondays. Go figure. We drove around Fort Bragg and I was flabbergasted and just how big this post is! At a whopping 251 square miles, it is one of the largest military bases in the world.

We did not have time, but there are several museums and memorials that you can visit on post. These include but are not limited to:

  • 82nd Airborne Division Museum
  • John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum
  • Special Warfare Memorial Statue
  • Iron Mike Statue

To get on post, everyone 16 years and older must have a photo ID/Military ID. If you do not have a Military ID, you are subject to a vehicle search. This unfortunately was the case for us, but it didn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. I now pity the person who does not have a Military ID! They do indeed save you a boatload of time getting onto post!

We stayed 5 days before we headed back to Oklahoma and it was definitely a good number. Had we stayed any longer and I think we would have gotten bored. I really enjoyed Myrtle Beach, but honestly, I’m not sure I would ever go back. I certainly wouldn’t stay where we did. I would go somewhere much more secluded. If you have a family, Myrtle Beach makes for a great getaway, but, no matter the case, you are guaranteed to have a fun-filled vacation with plenty of things to do.


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