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Four Seasons Private Jet Journeys

Close your eyes and just imagine the ultimate luxury you feel as you step aboard a private jet to begin your journey around the world.

Well, thanks to Four Seasons, you no longer have to close your eyes and imagine. For those of us fortunate enough, you can now hop aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet and experience the ultimate lap of luxury.

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The Four Seasons Jet is a Boeing 757 with 52 seats set up as a 2×2 configuration. For those of us who are able to experience this magnitude of luxury, you are offered several itineraries to choose from.

2015 Journeys

♦The Legend Experience: Sept. 15-25; $120,000 per person

Join John Legend aboard the Four Season Jet and prepare to experience 6 beautiful destinations

Napa⋅New York⋅Paris⋅London⋅Milan⋅Lake Como⋅

♦Around The World: Aug 16-Sept 8; $119,000 per person

Take a 24-day journey around the world to 9 locations

Seattle, Washington⋅Tokyo, Japan⋅Beijing, China⋅Maldives⋅Serengeti, Tanzania⋅Istanbul, Turkey⋅St. Petersburg, Russia⋅Marrakech, Morocco⋅New York, New York⋅

2016 Journeys

♦Timeless Discoveries: Around the World Journey: Jan 26 – Feb 18; $132,000 per person

24-day journey to 9 locations

Los Angeles⋅Kona⋅Bora Bora⋅Sydney⋅Bali⋅Chiang Mai⋅Taj Mahal and Mumbai⋅Prague⋅London

♦International Intrigue – Around the World Journey: Apr 14 – May 7; $132,000 per person

24-day journey visiting 9 locations

Seattle⋅Tokyo⋅Beijing⋅Malidves⋅Serengeti⋅Istanbul⋅St. Petersburg⋅Marrakech⋅Boston⋅

♦Extraordinary Adventures: Around the World Journey: Sept 17 – Oct 11; $137,000 per person

25-day journey visiting 9 locations

Austin⋅Costa Rica⋅Lana’i⋅Sydney⋅Langkawi⋅Mauritus⋅Serengeti⋅Petra or Dead Sea⋅Lisbon⋅

♦Cultural Escape: Europe, Middle East, Africa: Nov 4 – Nov 22; $106,000 per person

19-day journey visiting 7 locations

London⋅Petra and Dead Sea⋅Dubai⋅Seychelles⋅Serengeti⋅Florence⋅London

Did you find an itinerary that suits you? Personally, I like them all!

I’m sure you may have a ton of questions! I know I did!

  • Are children allowed? Yes, but it is recommended that only well-traveled children 12+ are considered.
  • What kinds of activities are planned? Everything from heli-flightseeing over volcanoes in Kona, learning to plant rice in Chiang Mia, and visiting the house of Valentino. A Four Season Global Guest Services Manage is available from the day your trip is booked to help you customize your trip.
  • Where will we be staying? You will be staying at Four Seasons Resorts in each location in the highest category of non-suite rooms. Suite upgrades are available on first come first served basis.
  • Is food included in the cost of the trip? Yes, all meals are included in the trip cost. Most meals are a la carte, but at least one meal per destination involves a cultural event or local entertainment. A Four Seasons Executive chef will prepare all in-flight meals using the freshest ingredients.
  • What beverages are included? All beverages, including alcohol, are included while on-board the private jet. While on ground, lunch and dinner will include beer, soft drinks, wine, and liquor. Bottled water included at all times.
  • Does the trip include insurance coverage? Emergency medical assistance including up to $100,000 coverage in medical evacuations and up to $50,000 in medical expenses for covered reasons is included for all private jet guests.
  • What is not included in the trip cost? Airfare from home city to first departure city and vice versa; passport and visa fees; optional accident, baggage, and trip cancellation insurance; personal expenses while traveling (laundry, taxi, phone, etc,); optional additional activities (golf fees, spa services, private car and driver); liquor consumed outside private jet and hosted cocktail receptions.
  • Can you help me with commercial airline reservations? Yes, but unable to book award reservations using air miles.
  • Do I need Visas for the trip? Each itinerary has different Visa requirements. Once you book your trip, requirements will be outlined and help will be provided in obtaining your Visas.
  • How much baggage can I bring? You are allowed 3 suitcases, however, it is recommended you try to pack in 2. Golf clubs will count as one of your 3 suitcases.
  • How is luggage handled on the trip? A dedicated luggage handler will manage your bags throughout the duration of your trip as well as delivering them to your hotel.

More information can be found on Four Seasons website.

Now that you have a severe case of wanderlust, it’s time to start saving up for one of these incredible adventures!


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