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Red River on a Whim


Anyone that knows me knows that I am as far from spontaneous as they come. Schedules exist in my life daily and I try my hardest to stick to them.

Until this past Friday.

Friday, September 25th, I woke up with the travel bug. Brady and I have not had a getaway since our trip to British Columbia last June … as in 2014.


This particular Friday morning started out as any other. I arrived at work half an hour early, started morning reports, ate breakfast with my bosses and coworkers, and then decided that Brady and I needed to get away the next weekend. I logged on my computer, went to good ol Trip Advisor, found a hotel, and booked a room in Red River, NM.

We have been to Red River several times in the past, though never together. With all the trees changing colors, I saw this as an opportune time to go. After searching for a hotel for a good 45 minutes that wasn’t either completely booked or god-awful expensive, I now see why I book things so far in advance.

I continued my morning as usual, went home at lunch, and waited for Brady to get home. When he walked in the door, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning ear-to-ear.

“What?” he said.

“Um, erm, well. We’re going to Red River next weekend. I booked a hotel room,” I replied.

“Cool. I was just thinking I haven’t been there in forever.”


So, with that said, this Friday after work, we will make our way 5.5 hours west to Red River, New Mexico for a short weekend getaway. The spontaneity feels great, but it definitely will not be a regular occurrence; however, for travel, I can make the occasional exception.


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