The Itinerary Changes Begin…

As with anything in life, changes occur. The time changes twice a year, the characters in my favorite shows change as they keep getting killed off, and our itinerary for our trip to Europe has now changed!

Back in my post, Temporary Itinerary for Europe, I talked about how we would be embarking on a trip to Ireland and Europe getting to explore 7 different countries in 3 weeks time. While we are still going to be gone 3 weeks, we decided to change up our itinerary and make it a little more “centralized” if you will.

Before, the following places were on our list:

Killarney, Ireland ⋅ London, England ⋅ Prague, Czech Republic ⋅ Vienna, Austria ⋅ Salzburg, Austria ⋅ Munich, Germany ⋅ Brussels, Belgium ⋅ Bruges, Belgium ⋅ Amsterdam, Netherlands⋅

Now, our list looks something like this:

Killarney, Ireland ⋅ Dublin, Ireland ⋅ Edinburgh, Scotland ⋅ Falkirk, Scotland ⋅ St. Andrews, Scotland ⋅ Amsterdam, Netherlands⋅

To say that I am looking forward to getting to travel with real luggage now is an understatement. There is no way I could’ve survived living out of a backpack for 3 weeks. I am an avid over-packer and proud of it.

The part of the trip we are the most excited about thus far is visiting St. Andrews, the birth place of golf. Home to the The Open Championship each year, the “Old Course,” dates back to 1754 and is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Tee times for the Old Course typically book up a year in advance, packages require a minimum 3-night stay, and begin about $2000. Should you choose to gamble your way onto the course, you can put your name on a ballot to be drawn for a tee time. However, we’re not very good at gambling.

Sorry, Brady.

With that said, parts of the course are open to the public every Sunday for visitors to come see. Or, should you choose, you can book a private tour for about £10 per person. This tour takes you around the 1st, 17th, and 18th holes of the Old Course and lasts about an hour.

Swilcan Bridge Old Course Photo taken from
Swilcan Bridge Old Course
Photo taken from

This is the one part of the trip we will spare no expense on since Brady is all about golf. As of now, we will be staying at the Fairmont St. Andrews  located on the St. Andrews Bay Golf Course, about 2 miles from St. Andrews Links (Old Course).

We are both pretty smitten with the recent changes to our itinerary and I think we will be a lot happier getting to spend more time in these places and not having to constantly be on the go.

Only time will tell if there will be another itinerary change, but I don’t foresee that happening! Until then, only 8 months to go.


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