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Picking the Perfect Destination

I’ve had several people ask me over the years ask how we choose where to go on our trips. The answer is simple: go where you have always dreamed of going.

Travel destinations


For us, we look at the following factors when deciding where to go:

  •  Weather – What time of year are we going to be traveling? We like to go some place warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Going to Atlantis in the Bahamas in the middle of February was a nice break from the winter hell back here in Oklahoma. I’ll trade snowstorms for 80* weather and beaches any day!
  • Safety – How safe is the region where we want to go? I have long dreamed of traveling to Egypt, however, right now is definitely not the time to be going. We stay up on travel alerts by visiting this handy website.
  • Time – How much time do we have? Typically, if we are taking a week’s vacation, we want to go somewhere that will only cost us 2 days of travel: 1 day there, 1 day back. I would hop on a flight to Sydney, Australia this instant for a week’s vacation if it didn’t take 2+ days to get there. If we are looking at a weekend/long weekend getaway, we try and stay within 6 driving hours of home. Good thing we are an easy 6-hour drive from Colorado!
  • Things To Do – Are we going to run out of things to do after the first day? We look for places to go that have a ton of sight-seeing. Our upcoming trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without a day-trip to the Cliffs of Moher and a stop at the Guinness Storehouse for a pint. If you don’t get everything seen while you’re there, look at it as a good excuse to visit again!
  • Money – How much are we wanting to spend? This seems to be the deciding factor for most people’s vacations, but let’s face it, some places you just can’t go to for cheap. We only set a “budget” (I use that word loosely because I tend to not ever stick to it) for airfare, rental car (if needed) and accommodations. When it comes to food and excursions, I double the amount I think we are going to need, but I never set a limit.
  • Activity Level – Are we wanting to relax and lounge, or do we want to do, go, and see everything? For our vacation to Atlantis in February 2013, I did not book one single excursion ahead of time. We wanted to lounge and relax and drink with nothing on our itinerary. We ended up going on a day excursion, but that trip was just the right mix of laziness and adventure.
  • Dreams – Where have we always dreamed of going? Atlantis had long been on my bucket list, and although my husband had previously been, he wanted to take me there. Brady is a golf whore of sorts so when we added Edinburgh, Scotland to our list for June 2016, we absolutely had to add St. Andrews, Scotland to the list since it is the birth place of golf and home to the world’s oldest golf course. I also hope to be able to mark Singapore and Dubai off my list among many other destinations.

I know everyone has their own process they go through for picking where they want to go and I am interested to hear how y’all choose! With so many amazing places around the world, how do you narrow down where to go?







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