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2016 Travel Plans

And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later. – Randy Komisar

What seems like forever ago is finally here. We have been anticipating the start of 2016 for 17 months now. Why?

travel plans

Because this is the year of our big trip to Europe!

Since June of 2014, we have been planning this trip. We have thrown around several itineraries and have finally settled on one. Although, we don’t officially book everything until next month, so that could change! So, as of now, we will be visiting Killarney, Dublin, and Blarney in Ireland, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and Falkirk in Scotland, and finish our trip in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Finally 2016 is here and only 5 more months until our trip.

In the meantime, we don’t have any more trips planned. We hope to be able to take a road trip or two up to Colorado for a long weekend. If my way plays out, one weekend will be spent in Leadville, Colorado so we can hike Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado, highest in the Rockies, and second highest in the contiguous United States at 14,440 feet. I’ve longed to summit this mountain ever since I saw it from the backseat of my parent’s vehicle when I was young. At 7.6 miles roundtrip, it is easily doable in a day!

Our other trip to Colorado will possibly land us in Pitkin to take in some ATV and Jeep trails and lose cell signal for a weekend, but this will be towards the latter part of the year…if at all

So, as you can see, not really much on the itinerary for the year, but our 3-weeks overseas is enough to satisfy me!

What do your travels look like for 2016?


2 thoughts on “2016 Travel Plans

  1. Exciting! Europe is fabulous, so much to see and do! Hope you enjoy your trip! We are moving back to Europe in late summer. We plan to hit the ground running. I think our first trip there will be to a few places in Germany. Our next trip will be to Hawaii, haven’t been since I was a kid so I’m excited!

    1. We will be newbies to Europe so we are looking super forward to it!!! Paris was kind of a last minute change. Husband decided last night that he wants to visit Normandy region and tour the World War 2 sites, so there went Amsterdam! Reading through your blog but would love any suggestions on things not to miss in Paris! We’re only going to have 2 full days to sightsee before we have to fly back to Oklahoma!

      Totally jealous of you by the way, I would travel all the time if I lived over there! 🙂

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