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Bonjour Paris!

Paris? Paris! We are going to Paris!

How did this come about?

One day this week at work, I had a few minutes of free time so I shot Brady a text message asking if there was anywhere he would rather go instead of Amsterdam. The reply I got was not one that I expected.

France. I want to see the WWII sights.

Well, okay.

I began pricing the trip with Paris in the place of Amsterdam. Then came the sticker shock. Paris is an expensive city!

After the shock wore off, I discovered a tour company offering Normandy D-Day tours from Paris. With this tour, we travel by train to Caen and are picked up by our guide and whisked away to the following sites:

          Artificial harbor at Arromanches

          American Military Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer

          Omaha Beach

          Pointe du Hoc

After, we are dropped back off at the rail station in Caen, and back to Paris we go!

After the day tour, we will only have 2 full days to explore Paris. With no clue how to speak or read French (I hit my limit at “Bonjour”), I am a little nervous. The NYC metro system was confusing enough and I speak and read the language (obviously), so I am peeing a little with Paris!

Now comes the time to figure out what to fill those two days with. Where all should we go? What do we want to see? I’ve never had a desire to visit this city, so I’m at a complete loss. Brady keeps saying he is going to wear a shirt that says “Back to back world war champions.” It didn’t liven my mood any, even if he was only kidding (I hope). It might make for an interesting blog post, though.

We got stoned (not the kind I would hope for) and chased out of Paris by people wielding torches and pitch forks because my husband wore a shirt that said “Back to back world war champions” on it. I did manage to snap a blurry photo of the Eiffel Tower as we ran by!

Eiffel Tower
Photo taken from


I don’t know why I went archaic on that with the torches and pitch forks, but that’s just how this scenario is playing out in my head.

Paris most certainly isn’t a place I ever expected to be added to our trip, but as June grows near, I have the feeling the idea of visiting this city will grow on me!

Paris? Paris!


6 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris!

  1. Haley you know Carmen has spent a great deal of time in Paris and has also visited the WWII memorials there. Be sure and talk to her before you go. Nanny

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