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Travel Qualities of the Nichols

I recently read a blog post by a fellow travel blogger that I follow titled, “The Ideal Traveler.” In this post, she discusses what kind of qualities the people she travels with possess. This got me to thinking about the type of person I am when I travel and how Brady and I are two completely different types of travelers.

Travel Qualities


Haley: I am the most anal person when it comes to booking trips. I have to have control and be the one booking rooms, flights, and any excursions. Why? Because I rather be mad at myself if something is screwed up than be mad at someone else. I also hold grudges. I’m organized and probably do too much research into things, but because of that, I’ve never had a problem arise on a trip. Knock on wood. Schedules are also my best friend.

Brady: Brady is spontaneous and looks at not having plans as half the adventure. He likes that I am the one booking the travel because he doesn’t have to. He also rather have someone else book it so he doesn’t have to constantly hear me griping about this, that, and the other. So far, today, I have asked him at least 7 questions related to our upcoming trip. Is he ready to kill me? Probably so.


Haley: Who the hell ever heard of a budget? Just kidding. I tend to do well at sticking to our budget that we allot for hotels, flights, and excursions. With that said, I’m more than willing to go over that allotment to stay somewhere nice. When it comes to hotels and where we sit on planes, I am picky. Why does it matter where we sit on a plane? I don’t know. I just like getting us the extra legroom if it’s available! Hotels, on the other hand, if they look dated and shabby, I’m not staying there. If Brady would just say yes, we would be staying at The Ritz or Four Seasons everywhere we went.

Brady: Well, this is a department he and I have in common. He likes his fair share of nice things too, but I think he takes 2nd place in the big-spending department. He cares about quality and comfort and if an upgrade is offered, it will more than likely be taken. He is definitely the one that keeps our spending in check while on a trip, and I am thankful for that.


Haley: Nothing stresses me out more than getting to where we are going. I check my purse 17 times to ensure we have our passports and boarding passes. Then I check one more time for good measure. The TSA lines frustrate me. I am mentally yelling at people to remove their belts and shoes faster because I want to get through security (and the pat down that I seem to get every damn time I fly) and find our gate. Patience is not a quality I possess. I think I play it off pretty well, but it’s probably best to get Brady’s opinion on the matter. With that said, once we arrive at our destination, I am carefree and cool!

Brady: He never gets pat downs (I hate him for this). He likes to chat with the TSA guy checking our tickets. He takes his time removing his belt and shoes (I verbally yell at him to hurry up). He is patient and likes to fly by the sat of his pants (a quality I greatly wish I possessed). Flight delay? Eh, no problem! We’ll get there when it’s our time. Besides, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway!


Lucky for us, we have the same interest in things. We both enjoy history and sightseeing and are always up to do something crazy. We’ve swam with whale sharks, hand-fed iguanas and stingrays, and learned a lot of history in between.


So, if that didn’t make my husband and I sound like total opposites, then I don’t know what you were reading. In all honesty, the whole time I was typing this, I was wondering how in the world we travel so well together. We never argue or fight while we’re on a trip. Brady keeps me pretty grounded and I try not to let my control freak come out. Thank goodness he has all that patience.

No matter what type of traveler you are, you can always compromise with the person you’re traveling with and I promise it’ll make the trip much more fun and enjoyable. Who knows, it may lead to you finding something new you like!

While you’re at it, go over and visit That Samantha Girl’s blog!



6 thoughts on “Travel Qualities of the Nichols

  1. Haley that sounds just like his Papa and Nanny! He comes by it naturally, I’m the one who wants to be at the airport a hour earlier than needed, on the plane as soon as they call our boarding and he is perfectly happy to have them calling our name to please come to the gate! One thing I have found is that if you get to the gate it never hurts to ask if there are any business class seats available and what does it cost to up-grade. It is normally much cheaper than booking it ahead of time. Doesn’t always work out but on overseas flight it is worth the try

    1. I swear it’s a guy thing!! Brady is the same way at the airport. They call to board and he disappears to the bathroom.

      I also just told him I can book us BusinessFirst with United coming home from Paris for an additional $800 and he looked at me like I grew a third head. I thought it was a hell of a deal considering BusinessFirst to Cork from OKC was nearly $4500 a person. Economy Plus it is!

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