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Paris Problems

Prais Problems

What does one do in a city where there is so much to see and do? Oh, and when there are only 2-full days to explore said city.

It seems that I have caught a case of what I am calling the “Paris Problems.”

Paris is the last stop of our 3-week adventure this June and as the trip slowly creeps up on us, we still have no earthly idea what all we want to see in Paris. Greeted by a late afternoon arrival, there won’t be much time to explore by the time we make it through customs and hop a train to our accommodations, the Vintage Hostel. The idea of staying in a hostel scares the bejeezus out of me, but there’s a first time for everything! I was able to book us a single suite with our own bathroom, so that’s a plus. The entire hostel was also recently renovated, which is another plus.

With a day-trip to Normandy to tour the WWII sites planned the following day, that will leave us with 2-full days of sightseeing before jetting back to good ol’ Oklahoma. So, how exactly are we going to fill up those two days? I wish I knew.

We have talked to numerous people who have given us a great list of ideas, but only one thing has been decided: visit the Eiffel Tower during the day and at night for the light show.

I am usually not one to wing it, but I’m thinking that Paris is going to turn me into one of those people. I’ve struggled with the thought of this, but perhaps it’s time to let the streets (and metro) take us to fun and exciting new places. Of course, I might feel more apt to doing some research if I understood or could pronounce a lick of French. I’m not kidding when I say that “oui” is as good as it gets … and who knows what mess I could create by just replying “oui” to everything. Yikes.

So, after many sleepless nights, I have come to terms that there is no itinerary for Paris. My Paris Problems will turn a new city into a wild adventure that the Nichols are diving head-first into.


4 thoughts on “Paris Problems

  1. oops, sorry typo on my phone. Montmartre* Secret tip- below the Sacre Coeur is rue andre del sarte. I had many adventures there, and if you climb up the side stairs, there is a crazy lady who feeds stray cats off the church’s side. I hope she’s still there, but in any case its the best view in all of Paris.

  2. Yep, Montmartre is a good place easy to get around with. I also have some trouble in Paris as per my new post if you have time to check it out too. Thanks!

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