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Why I’m NOT Afraid to Travel

Dn't Be Afraid

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I started my normal routine of getting ready for work: shower, makeup, get dressed, eat breakfast, watch the news, go to work. Except, when I turned on the news, I didn’t expect to see that multiple terrorist attacks had taken place in Brussels, Belgium.

After arriving at work, one of my coworkers said, “I hope you got trip insurance for your trip in June. I would be afraid of a terrorist attack happening and want to cancel my trip.” My reply to her was a resounding no. Here’s why.

While I do have my irrational fears like a murderer standing on the other side of a closed shower curtain, or getting sucked down an airplane toilet after flushing (yes, I’m serious), terrorist attacks and emergency plane evacuations are not on my list of fears. The fact is, I am more likely to get ran over by a stampede of cattle or be hit by a car crossing the street than to be brutally murdered by terrorists.

My rational thoughts about visiting Paris in a mere 88 days include that of excitement and thrill. By allowing my thoughts to wander to those of terrorist attacks possibly happening while I’m there and whether or not I should go, I am admitting defeat and saying, “they (the terrorists) won.” This is exactly what those terrorists want. They want us to be scared of them. They want us to fear for our lives. Why should we give in to what they want?

The truth is, if we all choose to turn our backs and not venture to these countries where terrorist attacks have taken place, we are hurting their economy and increasing the likelihood of another terrorist attack happening. The government controls a country. If a country’s government goes down the drain, so does the economy. All of this has a direct impact on tourism, which impacts a country’s economy heavily. Take a look at Egypt and how much political and civil unrest has taken place since the revolution in 2011. Their president resigned during the revolution, their economy crashed, tourism plummeted, and radicals saw this as the perfect time to execute terrorists attacks in cities like Cairo. Since July 2013, there have been 12 terrorist attacks in Egypt. Now, take a look at how many people travel to Brussels and Paris each year. Take a look at their government. How many terrorists attacks have taken place in these two cities in the last 20 years? Five. I will take my chances on going to Paris.

Do not let your fears of terrorist attacks stop you from traveling. You are not going to understand the world’s labyrinth by sitting on your couch watching the news.

Don’t cancel your trip. Don’t be afraid to travel.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT Afraid to Travel

  1. I had just booked my trip to Paris when news broke about the attacks there. Yes, for a split second I was worried but thankfully I was in a World Politics class that semester and learned about fear and terrorism. The odds are SO slim, you are literally more likely to die in your own bathtub (according to my research lol). Plus, the terrorists win if they ignite fear in you. I went on my trip to Paris and not once did I worry. Keep traveling and keep exploring!

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