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Two-Month Countdown

It seems as though every time I go to the Countdown app on my iPhone, another two weeks have flown by. As of today, we are 60 days from lift-off to Ireland. Last time I look, we were at 74.

Time to get serious.

Now that we are at the two-month mark, I am scrambling to make sure everything is in order: reservations confirmed, tour tickets printed, maps downloaded, addresses typed up, and my sanity in check (jury is still out on the last one seeing as how I cut my hair last night using the following logic: new continent equals new hair style).

There are so many things that seem to get overlooked when going away on a trip. I have compiled my list in hopes of helping those out that may forget to square away a thing or five before they leave.

Dog care – Throw three dogs into the mix and planning a trip gets a lot harder. Doggy day care (grandpa’s house). Check

Lawn care – What grass grows 9-feet a week (okay like 5 inches)? Fescue. What do we have? Fescue. Lawn mower. Check.

Travel Documents – Is that passport active? Does it meet the country’s entry requirements? Is a visa needed? Yes, Yes, No. Check.

House sitter – This is a little extreme. We do need a house sitter, but our parents live in town and will be checking on the house periodically. Check.

Phone plan –  To avoid ridiculous expenses, an international phone plan is needed. AT&T offers these 3 international plans to fit your needs. Check.

Gadgets – Now is the time to be purchasing voltage converters, outlet adapters, and portable battery chargers. I’ve had these for some time now and they are already packed and awaiting departure. Hint: Pack a small surge protector with multiple plug-ins and plug this into the wall adapter so you have multiple outlets! It also works good in the airport! Check.

Notify your bank – Make sure to notify your bank and credit card companies that you are going out of the country so that they will not reject your transactions and can flag your account for fraudulent charges after you get back! Check.

As always, I’m sure there will be a few loose ends to tie up right before we leave, but that’s what makes part of the adventure fun.



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