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The World’s Coolest Passport Stamps

Each Thursday, I have made it a point to visit Travel & Leisure’s website and read through any new articles they might have. It should come as no surprise that I much prefer reading about travel than the election. Then again, if you choose the latter, we can no longer be friends.

One article that stood out to me this week was “The World’s Coolest Passport Stamps.” Looks like I need to add some of these places to my never-ending list.

Antarctica – While there is no official passport stamp, visitors can get souvenir ones at the scientific stations based there.

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North Korea – If you’re one of the lucky 1,500 tourists granted access to North Korea each year, you will receive this passport stamp upon entry.

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Machu Picchu – Visitors will receive a passport stamp when entering Peru, but visitors can also receive this special stamp in their passports at the entrance of the Incan ruins.

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Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll – This village in Whales boasts the second longest name in the world. Visitors can get this novelty stamp in the James Pringle Weavers shop.

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Tristan da Cunha – Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, this island is the most remote, inhabited island in the world. To get this stamp, visitors must take a five-day boat ride from the nearest point in South Africa!

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Akhzivland – This micro-nation located off the northern Mediterranean coast of Israel is a whopping 2.5 acres with only two residents.

Passport stamp of Akhzivland
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Republic of San Marino – Located in central Italy, this destination is the world’s oldest, smallest republic.

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Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – While Cuba is now allowing Americans to visit, getting this passport is still next to impossible. Only those with military business are allowed.

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The South Pole – Earning this passport stamp is a feat in itself. While it is not a country, trekkers can get a commemorative passport stamp at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Passport stamp of the South Pole
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Cayman Islands – This stamp, known as Sir Turtle, was created by Suzy Soto in 1963 and is still used today! What is cuter than a peg-legged, Mohawk wearing turtle with what appears to be a backwards foot?!

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So, if these awesome passport stamps don’t make you want to hop on the next available flight, perhaps there is no hope for you. While I am certainly not daring enough to trek to the South Pole, I would jump through several hoops to obtain the rest of these stamps.

You can read the original article from Travel and Leisure here.


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