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Travel stories are the best – whether a book, short story, or a blog post. They are my vice when I can’t take a trip.

Since starting this blog, I have found myself going back to the same travel blogs every time I’m needing to research a trip or need some inspiration in my life. For 2016, these are my 5 favorite travel blogs.


The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten left her job in corporate finance to travel the world and offers lots of tips and advice for women on what to where, see, pack, and do all over the world. She focuses a lot of solo female travel, but offers many tips on adventure travel, budget travel, luxury travel, couples travel, and much more. Kiersten has visited 50 countries and stepped foot on 6 continents. You can also subscribe to her Youtube channel to keep up with her vlog as well!

Hand Luggage Only

Created in 2014 in a dorm room at the University of Cambridge, Yaya and Lloyd are the brains behind Hand Luggage Only. Not only do they write about all their trips, they also vlog as well! Becoming the hot new thing, Yaya and Lloyd do a fantastic job documenting their trips via video and making their followers feel as if they are on the trip as well. Their Youtube channel and blog is not to be missed. Filled with stories, video, photography, travel hacks, and even a trip planner, readers are sure to find something new every time they venture to their blog.

Nomadic Matt

Matt has been blogging and traveling the world for the last 8 years and is a New York Time’s bestselling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Matt’s blog focuses on budget travel as well as solo travel. Since 2006, he has traveled to over 80 countries and does an outstanding job documenting each trip. Not only can you read about his experiences, you can purchase one of his many city guides to take with you on your adventures! If you’re looking for all best hostels, cheap eats, and free attractions in a city, Matt is your guy.

World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward is the 24-year-old behind World of Wanderlust. Brooke’s adventures are geared more towards luxury travel, but still offers travel tips for every budget. After spending 6-months traveling solo, Brooke decided to turn WOW into her business. WOW is the place for all your travel inspiration. Along with her writing, she vlogs some of her journeys and they are not to be missed. I find myself going here on a weekly basis to read all the new content she has added.

The Planet D

Canadians Dave and Deb have one impressive track record. Having been documenting their journeys since 2008, they have now traveled to over 100 countries and set foot on all 7 continents! They have been everywhere from Everest Base Camp to participating in the world’s longest cycling race in South Africa. What other impressive feats do they hold? The Planet D won Travel Blog of the Year beating out National Geographic. If reading blogs isn’t your thing, scrolling through their posts to look at their incredible photography is enough to inspire severe wanderlust. The Planet D is your one-stop-shop for all your wanderlusting needs.


One thought on “Favorite Travel Blogs

  1. Come back R&L. It’s been too long!! Hopefully here’s some encouragement…

    My current post is up and I’ve given you a mention. In fact its more than just a mention. I’ve nominated you for a VBA!

    See here:

    The Versatile Blogger Award is an award for bloggers by bloggers, yada yada yada. I’m sure you’ve heard the spiel before. Anyhow, I’ve nominated you as I’m a big fan of of your blog and I believe any recognition is good recognition. If I can do a little bit to promote your blog (and mine) then that makes me a happy chappy. I never used to be a fan of these chain mail type awards but they reap genuine benefits in helping your blog and blogs that you like grow as well as helping me find new and interesting blogs to subscribe to for my own amusement.

    Hope you don’t mind the extra work load…. 😃

    All the best, keep up the good work. Is it too early to say merry Christmas?

    Seasons greetings then,


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