Dusting the cobwebs off my luggage

I’ve heard from many people over the last several weeks that 2017 was a difficult year for them. When I asked why, I got a number of answers like, “we didn’t go anywhere, “my marriage struggled,” “I got laid off,” and so on…

To sum up 2017, it was a scooter to the ankle – husband deploying to Afghanistan among many other craters in the road. With much excitement, I am welcoming 2018 with open arms…and a new trip on the horizon!

While I can’t take a trip with my husband this year, I am excited to say that I will be returning to Ireland the end of March with 2 of my best friends in tow! I’m thrilled to get to show them the Ireland I discovered a year and a half ago and get to experience their first transatlantic trip with them. We have even added 3-4 days in London to the end of our trip just for good measure – gotta keep marking those countries off the list.

I’m thrilled to have a trip to plan; it makes my lonely evenings at the house with 4 dogs go by much more quickly and dries up the tears of missing my husband like crazy. Thoughts of returning to Dublin and visiting its cozy pubs warms my insides tremendously. The girls are going to fall in love and finally understand why I talk about Ireland all the time!

Getting to visit London will be an adventure as none of us have ventured there prior to this trip. We are all equally thrilled to be first-timers there and take in everything the city has to offer. I have 16 years worth of memories with these girls and I know there will be plenty more to come! It is something we have been talking about doing for a few years now and the fact that it’s actually happening is beyond exciting.

Stay tuned. I’ll be dusting the cobwebs off my luggage and my poor blog in the months to come!


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