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How Traveling For 3 Weeks Opened My Eyes

Out the door ten minutes early, packing and repacking my bag, following my schedule to a T. These are all things I do constantly because I live life by my planner. When faced with traveling for 3 weeks, I thought every nano-second of our trip had to be planned out. Turns out, keeping an open schedule… Continue reading How Traveling For 3 Weeks Opened My Eyes

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Ten Places Limiting Tourism Around the World

Each Thursday, I have made it a goal to scour thru my favorite travel websites and see what is new. Without fail, I always run across a few articles that I feel are worth passing on. This week, I would like to share with you an article I found on Condê Nast Traveler.

This particular article caught my eye. It is titled “10 Places Telling Tourists to Stay Home.” I was thinking this article had more to do with cities with high terror threats, but boy was I mistaken. If any of these places are on your list, I suggest you go while you still can!

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